Midday Dog Walkers

“We have been using Midday Dog Walkers as needed for daily pet visits for sometime now.  Most recently they took care of our older dog while we were on vacation.  It was reassuring to know that their staff was giving our pet special care while we were gone.  Midday Dog Walkers is a very responsible, professional pet service with a touch of ‘TLC’.”

– Carolyn C., Indianapolis

“This is such a great service! I didn't realize there was an alternative to Doggie Day Cares & Kennels. We want to visit my Parents but we don't like leaving our dogs at a kennel because they can't relax with all the barking dogs around them.”

– Julie S., Carmel

“Midday Dog Walkers allows us to enjoy our trips because our little ones can stay in the comfort of their own home while being fed and let out at their regular schedule!”

– Mark T., Indianapolis

Midday Dog Walkers
1045 Sedona Pass, Carmel, IN 46280
Phone: (317) 223-6035
E-mail: angie@middaydogwalkers.com

  • Professional United Pet Sitters Member
  • Fully Insured by State Farm Insurance